Sunday, July 29, 2007


So this last Wednesday, I went down to the Tetons with some people from here. We went camping. It was a lot of fun. But since I didn't have a tent, Mary and I stayed in my jeep. And the other ladies stayed in tents. There were 7 of us all together. It rained everyday. But it was fun to hang out with all of them. The first night it stopped raining right before we got there. So we all just hung out and played cards. Then that next morning Me, Mary, Jessica, and Karen went on a hike. We went on Disappointment Peak. It is a 4.6 mile hike up the one of the Tetons. We got a mile and a half before Karen wanted to turn around. So I didn't get to do it all. But I can say I hiked the Tetons. That's cool. Then that night is was really raining so we put up a tarp and made ourselves a little tent and we put the picnic table under it. What 7 women can do! It was a lot of fun. We were just done eating and we heard some birds going crazy. So we all got up to see what was going on. When we got over there, Becca saw a grizzly bear swimming in the water. So we had to hurry and put all the food in the bear box while someone watched the bear. It was a little crazy. At that point I was glad to be in my jeep. Well the next morning we got up and saw the bear again swimming in the water. We think he was fishing. Then we came back. Well, it's that time of the year that the bison start finding there mates. It is kind of funny to watch because the guy goes and finds a girl that he likes and he sticks by her. And they walk right beside each other. So all the bison are paired off at the moment. So cute. But it's weird because when another bison comes and likes the girl , the other knows that if the other one is bigger to leave and let him have the girl but if they are the same size they fight. Just like guys. Well yesterday, I went on a hike called Bunson Peak. It is 2 miles up a mountain. (I didn't say hill I said Mountain) and 2 miles down. Of course. It was a little hard, but I made it and I'm so glad I did. It was beautiful. Today I worked and I think I'm going to go walking a couple of miles. Well that's all for today. Later

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Anne McClane said...

Only a few more weeks till we get to see you!!! I'm glad everything is going really well!