Monday, April 21, 2008

Yellowstone to Illinois

Wow, this last week has been a little crazy around Southern Illinois. First of all, Friday morning at 4:37 am we had a 5.2 earthquake. Then at 10 something we had a 4.5 earthquake. From the first one to the last one I felt 10 after shocks. It was crazy. And I was thinking, wow I come from Yellowstone where they have hundreds of earthquakes a day to here when we hadn't had any for several years. I never felt any bad earthquakes in Yellowstone but these in IL have been the worst that I have felt. This morning around 12:30 we had another one that was a 4.5 earthquake. I guess there was one around 3 am but I didn't feel that one. Something weird is going on but I think I would rather be here feeling them than in Yellowstone where we would have been over a volcano. Well hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying life.

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Anne said...

I didn't know there was a third one...craziness!