Thursday, October 18, 2007


Hey everyone, I made it back out to Yellowstone. It is awesome because there is snow on the mountain tops. It also snowed yesterday. 10-17-07. It was really coming down and sticking. But by last night it had melted. Sad. It's a lot different out here, not as many people are here. I had to move in yesterday. I got my own room. That was exciting. Well the high for today is 35- 40 degrees. A little chilly. This weekend I'm going on a hike. It is going to be a little hard because I think I will have lots of clothes on. Well that's all that's new. Hope everyone is doing ok. Later


Anne said...

Craziness! Miss ya!

Diana said...

glad you made it back ok. figured there'd be snow soon, but this is just early fall! We're getting rain and the leaves have been so pretty. Last weekend Wade and I went to an outdoor sculpture open house and went hiking at McCormick's Creek. Wade crawled thru Wolf Cave - not very long, but a section that doesn't get any light.
Can't wait for pictures!