Saturday, December 15, 2007

Internet Works!!!!

Guess what everyone my Internet is working. YAY!!! Finally I am able to get on in my room, download pictures, and check my email without waiting in line. So anyways tomorrow I'm going down to Old Faithful. We are taking a snowcoach down for work. And we get to go free and we also get paid for the day. I think that might just be one of the hardest days I will have to work. Just kidding. I'm really excited about going. And so now since I have the Internet I will be able to but my pictures on tomorrow night. Yesterday we went to town, Bozeman, to get away maybe for the last time this winter if it starts to snow a lot. Last night I went to dance class, we are learning how to ballroom dance and we also did some line dancing. It was a lot of fun. Then last night, I don't know if we were just crazy or what. But we went out to see the meteor shower. It was around 8 degrees. A little cold. I don't think I have ever had that many clothes on. But it was really cool to see. We didn't see that many but we came back home before it got to cold because we were freezing. We ended up staying out there for 2 hours. But the peak time they said wasn't until 2 am. And we didn't want to stay that long. We had like 8 covers on us. But it was fun. Well that's all thats new with me. Later.

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