Sunday, December 2, 2007

Snowing Everyday!

I was able to get some of my pictures on here. The Internet is a little slow so I couldn't get them all. But I put the ones that I liked the most. Of course they are of me. :) Today I went out into the park. We headed out toward the Northeast Entrance toward Cooke City. We had breakfast there and then came back into the park. There was snow all over. We could still see ground, but it was really pretty. We saw 6 coyotes, bison, and elk. The last two coyotes we saw were eating. Look at the pictures. It was really cool. We stayed for a while to see if a wolf would come but one never did. Sad. It was a good day, had lots of fun. Well I hope that the pictures work and I will try to get more on later. Bye

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Elaine said...

It looks beautiful! I can't wait to come out in 3 weeks!!! Stay warm and dry. Talk to you soon!
Love ya,