Monday, July 14, 2008

What a vacation!!

It's been a while since the whole family went on vacation. First of all, I had so much fun with everyone in Yellowstone. It was great showing them where I worked for the last year, and it was awesome to go back and see everyone that I had worked with. Anyways we got there on Wednesday. Aunt Di, Uncle Barry, & Wade were already there. Then Uncle Jim, Aunt Linda, Zac, & Erin came in. It was nice seeing everyone. I hadn't seen them all in a long time. That night we all just saw each other and then went to bed. I went and hung out with Mary(my roommate from the summer) It started storming and it hailed on us. I ran back to the cabin and my hair was just ice. Kind of funny. Then the next day Hal & Peggy and Ed & Judy came in. On Friday we all went on a hike called Elephant Back. It was a really nice hike. I thought the view was beautiful. We could see the lake and also the lake hotel. Allen and Mom went and picked up Allens Dad from the airport that day also.

On Saturday, everyone went to Old Faithful to wave at Grandpa and Grandma Mobley on the web cam. That was really cool. We walked around the boardwalk and then we went and ate lunch at the Old Faithful Inn. After that we all went on a hike to Fairy Falls. It went back to a waterfall. So pretty. One of my favorite hikes. That night we all just hung out and caught up with each other. On Sunday, I went hiking with Mary, Betty, & Jody to the OTO Dude Ranch. The first Dude ranch in Montana. That was really cool. We ran into a bear on the hike. Little scary. But it was afraid of us so we were ok. That night everyone went on the Roosevelt Cookout. It was fun and really good food.

Monday was Allens Birthday and we decorated the cabin. Then he went out and rode his motorcycle and we just hung out. Aunt Di's family left that morning. We were going to go rafting but we ran out of time so we just drove thru the park. On Tuesday, Uncle Jim's family left and Mom and Allen took Allens Dad to the airport. I went down to lake to see Becca and then that night Mary and I went up to Mammoth to say goodbye to everyone I worked with. Then Wednesday we just hung out and played cards and had a relaxing day. On Thursday, we left and headed to Mt. Rushmore. We saw the fireworks there. It was the best firework display I have ever seen. It was awesome. On the 4th of July we were driving home and we saw like 50 different firework displays all over the place. It was awesome since the 4th of July is my favorite holiday. Then we got home Saturday. It was a long vacation but I think everyone had a really good time. I'm really glad that we were able to go

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