Saturday, August 2, 2008

Good Times!!

So it's the beginning of August and everything is going great for me. I'm living in Eville by USI. I have signed up for classes and am really excited about going back. It should be a lot of fun and hard at the same time. Can't wait. As of right now I have one roommate, Brittney, it's going well. We get along well. We have another one moving in at the end of the month. We start school Sept. 2. Again I'm excited. I'm working at Ameriqual. The main thing they do there is make food for the troops overseas. It's good because I'm giving back to our country in a way. I like it, nice people. I work in the cold room so it's 30 degrees at all times. Reminds me of Yellowstone, not really. Other than that I have just been hanging out and working. Enjoying my time before school starts then I'm all into studying. Good times.!!!

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