Thursday, January 8, 2009

Starting the New Year!!

It's crazy how I don't go hiking everyday and worry about running into bears. Now I just go day to day running into teachers. Which sometimes can be just as I had a wonderful holiday season this year. Thanksgiving was really good. And Christmas was very special to me. With last year and not being able to spend Christmas with my whole family it was very nice to get to see everyone. I got to see everyone and hang out with everyone. I didn't have to worry about the snow blocking us inside. We didn't have any. I guess the holidays have changed for me. It's not about what you get, its about who you are with. I had a good New Years, it was my roomies birthday, so we got to celebrate both. I like meeting new people and hanging out with new friends. Things are going really well this year and I just hope that it continues to go well. So Happy New Year to Everyone!!!