Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break in South Carolina

This Spring Break I had an amazing time. I went to Edisto Island, South Carolina, with Mom and Allen. We had alot of fun. We left on Friday, March 6. We got there on Saturday and went to the beach.
On Sunday, we went to Charleston. There we went and saw Fort Sumter. Which was pretty cool. On the boat ride back we saw dolphins. That was awesome. I had never seen dolphins in the ocean before. And that was the one thing I wanted to see on the trip. It was funny because I said it would be really cool if the dolphin jumped out of the water, and it did. Of course we didn't have the cameras ready. or we prob wouldn't have gotten it anyways.
On Monday, we just chilled and rode bikes to the beach and relaxed. It was nice reading by the ocean.
Then Tuesday, we went to Botany Bay. This was a place that they have set aside for people to go and see. The state owns it and we weren't allowed to take any shells there. Which was awful because there were some awesome shells there. But we didn't take any. But we did get pictures. On this day, we also went and saw the alligator by the golf course. They say that he is always there. everyday
On Wednesday, we went on a boat ride around the island. We saw more dolphins which got really close to us. We did get pictures of them. That was awesome.
Thursday, we went to Magnolia plantation. It was so pretty there. The flowers and house everything there was so beautiful. We also saw lots of gators there. That was cool.
Friday we went to the beach, rode bikes, played putt putt and just had a nice relaxing last day of Spring break before heading home.
Then Saturday, we headed home.

That was Spring Break this year. Which was awesome and amazing and I'm so happy I got the chance to go with Mom and Allen. Thank you guys for everything..Love ya