Monday, November 26, 2007

Back in Yellowstone

I'm back in Yellowstone and guess what there is snow everywhere. It is so pretty. There are places you can still see the ground but there is snow!!! That makes me happy. My plane flight was ok, the second plane was a little scary because it was jumping around a lot. Well at least to me it was. I'm so glad that I got to come home for Thanksgiving. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone. It was a little hard coming back but the snow helped me. It was a busy week and it went by really fast but I had a good time. Well hope everyone is doing well. Later.


Diana said...

Hi Carrie,
Glad you made it back to YNP safely. It was great seeing you and such a great surprise for your mom. The card game was exhausting but fun. That other game we played at my house (Cranium or turbo cranium) was a hoot. Some people just can't spell backwards!
Keep up with the postings!
Aunt Di

Anne said...

How's the new computer working? Miss ya!