Monday, November 12, 2007

Scary Hotel

So Friday night some of us stayed in the hotel. We watched the Shining and then we went walking though the hotel. It was a little scary. Nothing happens that was not normal. The night guard was there and he came and knocked on the window so that was a little scary. But after we watched the scary movie we watched a happy one. So it was nice. It was a lot of fun. We did end up sleeping a little, which I didn't think would happen. Then I was going to go on that 12 mile hike yesterday, but it snowed. YAY!!!. It was suppose to be worse then it was so we didn't end up going. But seeing a little snow made my day. So that's really all that is new. Hope everyone is having a good week. Later


Diana said...

Hi Carrie,
When I first read your Scary Hotel post, I thought you were glad of the snow because you were too tired for a 12 mi. hike. But I think you meant you were glad because it was so pretty. Did you get any pictures? If you're looking for my package, it hasn't arrived because I haven't sent it. Sorry. I'll try to get it out soon. Cliff's team won again on Saturday! Go Aces!
Love - Aunt Di

Anne said... was good to talk to you last night! Miss ya!