Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas Week

What a Christmas, a lot different than any other I have ever had. It was really nice that Mom and Allen got to come out. I had a lot of fun. They got here on Dec. 23, and the next day I worked and Allen went on a snowmobile ride to the canyon area. Mom had a relaxing day. On Christmas we went to Bozeman. And then on Dec 26, we went down to Old Faithful. We took a snowcoach ride down, it was a four hour ride. It was so pretty and there was so much snow. That afternoon, we went and saw Old Faithful and Beehive geysers go off. After that we all took a nap. That night we took a tour called Steam, Stars and Winter Soundscapes. It was dark and we walked around the fountain geyser basin. It was a clear night so we could see lots of stars. The next day, we went out to see Old Faithful again and then we sat in the lobby until we went back on the snowcoach to Mammoth. We went out to Lamar Valley the next morning. We saw 10 wolves, they said that there were 13 but I only saw 10. That afternoon, we went back to bozeman and ate at Famous Dave's then we went to walmart and got me some snowpants. The next day I went to work and Allen went back out to Lamar Valley to look for wolves. Mom and I went on a snowcoach down to the Canyon area the next day. It was a lot of fun. Lots of snow again. I made a snow angel, tried to make a snowman but the snow wouldn't stick. Yesterday, Mom & Allen left. We ate lunch together and then they left. It was a really good Christmas Week. I had lots of fun. And I am so glad that they got to come out. I missed all you guys back home for Christmas and I hope you all had a good Holiday. Happy New Year.


Diana said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR Carrie! We really, really missed you at our house for the x-mas dinner. Hal and Peggy came and they talked about meeting us at YNP next summer when we all come out. Hope that works out. Can't wait till then!
We drove to Virginia to visit Barry's mom and family over new years weekend. Had car trouble :( but bought a new car:). Mike didn't go. Kirsty, Tyler and Wade went snow tubing and skiing. We went square dancing and played lots of Canasta (card game). It was a fun visit. You'd like Canasta, I think. We can teach you this summer if you want.
Aunt Di

Anne said...

Hey Carrie! I'm glad you had a good week with your mom and Allen! We miss you!

haleymae said...

hey sis hows it going out there? i havent talked to you in awhile which saddens me much! lol well ttyl love ya