Saturday, January 12, 2008


Well since Mom and Allen left, I haven't done very much. I have been trying to get over being sick because everyone here is. And trying not to be around the people that are. Don't worry Grandma I'm taking my Vitamin C. And I have also been trying to stay warm. It has been a little cold and windy lately. I think the wind has the most part in it. So it makes it so much colder than it really is. I have been dressing in layers everyday. Even in my room. Sometimes Karen freezes me out but not a lot. We have a half way point that we met at when it comes to the room. Last Tuesday, we started up volleyball again. We took the holidays off. It's a lot of fun. Then last night I went to dance class. Did some line dancing, ballroom dancing, and a little swing. That is a lot of fun and a good workout. Today we went out to Lamar Valley. We didn't see any wolves, but we saw elk, bison, and a coyote. Before we went out to Lamar Valley, we went to Gardiner to get some gas for the jeep. And we saw 4 eagles. That was really cool. They are such beautiful birds. Well other than that not much is new with me. I'll be coming home in March for a couple of weeks, so I hope to see everyone. It will be around the 11 to the 23. I didn't realize it was Easter until after I got the plane tickets. Then I will be coming back out here. Well I hope everyone is well, Later.

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