Monday, January 28, 2008

Calm Before The Storm!

So the other day it felt like summer but today it was a winter blizzard here. Well not a blizzard but to me it was. We couldn't really see across the street at times. It was a complete white out. Even our snowcoaches weren't running today because it was so dangerous. The road from the north gate out to the northeast gate was closed. I think they tried to go plow it in the afternoon. But I don't know how that went. It's a good thing I went to Bozeman and I don't have to get out in this anytime soon. I felt sorry for people that were coming into the park today, because they couldn't. We had to refund their money or see if we could get them in tomorrow. We had those calls all day. But of course I was out playing in it at lunch. I made another snow angel. It was a little cold. But Fun. That is why I am here, to play in the snow. So just let it keep coming. We have around a foot to a foot and a half of snow here. In Grant Village, which is the southern part of the park, they have 5 feet. I would love to be down there playing it that. Well that's all for me hope everyone is well. Later


Anne said...

it sounds beautiful and like such a cool experience!

Elaine said...

I'm sure glad you moved back to Mammoth from Gardiner! Stay warm - hope you're wearing your snow pants! I'm glad you are having fun! Love ya,