Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More Days in Yellowstone

So this week has been kind of crazy. Learning all the new keys for the computer system. But everyone keeps telling me that once I get on the floor it won't be as bad. Well I'm hoping they are telling me the truth. And whats funny is that at Champ, I was so excited about not having the safety meeting anymore. Well guess what? Today we had a safety meeting. So I know that all of you that are reading this from Champ are laughing. And Hi to all of you. I miss you guys. Not so much the work, but I do miss you guys. Well a couple of days ago, I saw some bison and their calves. They were so cute. And then we go on a hike everyday after supper, so yesterday this lady said she knew an easy one. Well we walked for a miles and a half and we were like "Ok how much farther" The lady then told us that she didn't really know where we were going. So we ended up walking around 3 miles. It was a little crazy at the time. But it was a good walk overall. Then someone I work with wants to go on an 8 mile hike this weekend. We are still trying to decide if we want to try that one or not. Well so far I am having a great time. Later

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