Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ok crazy

Ok, I know I just wrote like a couple of hours ago. But I have to put this one in. We were getting ready to go on a hike. So we got out of the car and started to walk to the path. I was just kidding around and said "Ok, I'm done that's enough of a hike" then I turned around and there was a black bear about 100 feet away from us just walking to us. So we walked (very slowly) back to the car and watched it and took pictures. Then it just walked right up the path we were going to walk up. It I wouldn't have been joking he would have followed us and then scared us to death. I'm so thankful I was joking around. That was probably the scariest moment I have had here so far. But I'm ok so not to worry. So sorry Champ people It didn't eat me today, like you guys thought. haha. Just kidding. I miss all of you guys.


Anne McClane said...

Wow! Your pictures are awesome! I can't get over them! I'm jealous! I've never seen old faithful before...thats pretty cool!

Barbara McGuire Holshcer said...

Carrie.....I am so jealous of your stay in Yellowstone. I wish I was there enjoying your life and you were stuck here in Mt. Carmel....not really....well, sort of!!

Have a wonderful time.....joke a lot and watch your behind for bears!!!!!!!