Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hey Everyone

So today I had my first moment of home sickness. Well the first one that I'm going to admit to. I got an email from Tim today. And he said that he went to Holiday World and rode on the roller coasters. It hit me that I don't get to do that with them this summer. I loved it last time and I couldn't wait to do it again. Well it didn't last that long cause I realized that I get to do a lot out here that you guys don't get to do. And I will go to Holiday world some other time with them. So I have been walking on this hike for the last week. It is a 10 mile hike round trip. So we decided to to walk a little each night and make it up to the 10 miles. So yesterday we were at about 2 miles and a storm came out of nowhere and we were drenched. So we had to walk the 2 miles back in the rain. It was so funny. I had a lot of fun. Then we got home and all of a sudden, no more storm, the sun was shining and there were no more clouds. The weirdest weather out here. Well every Tuesday and Thursday I go and play volleyball. I have been trying to get people to play forever. They decided to have a league go on this year. So I am trying to get a team of reservation agents to play. They aren't liking the idea. So far I have 3 guys and myself. I'm excited about playing. We will be playing all different teams in different departments. Well we are in a winter watch tonight. Yep I said winter and it is June. That is just the coolest thing ever. I think I'm the only one that is excited. Well I'm going to go. So talk to you all later. Miss Ya.


Diana said...

Oh, Carrie, you are so enthusiastic and sweet! I bet the group you are working with just love you getting excited about a winter warning and pushing the volleyball experience. Keep enjoying yourself!
Aunt Di

Allen said...

So, you and three guys playing volleyball????? You must hate that!!!

Are you starting to like cold weather? It is sunny, dry, windy and hot in Mount Carmel today! We are getting read to drive to Brighton, MI tomorrow. It will be fun.

Where are the June pictures? Today is the 7th and no pictures! Are you slacking?

Oh yea, Lucky says hi.