Friday, June 1, 2007

Long Time

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't written on here in a while. I have been really busy. So let me fill you in on what all I have done. So on Monday, we went on a Yellowstone in a Day tour. It was really cool. And the good part about it was that we got paid to go on it. We started out at Mammoth at 8 in the morning. We went to the terraces and learned more about all of that area. Then we went to Madison Campground, here we saw some of the different campsites. That is really why we got paid. Then we went to the Lower Geyser Basin. There we saw the Fountain geyser go off. It only goes off once a day. So that was really cool to see. At the same time another one that is right beside it was going off. It was so windy that we had to brace ourselves so we didn't fall. It was fun. Then we headed down to the Old Faithful area. We saw Old Faithful go off while we were eating on the balcony. That was cool cause it was a different view. Then as we were going to meet the other people, one of the guys stopped us. This was because Beehive was getting ready to go off. This was really neat because it has only gone off 4 times in the last 3 months. So we were really lucky. Then we went down to Grant to see some of the rooms. Then off we went to the lake area. We took a picture there and then went on to canyon area. We were then on our way back home. Which we were all excited about, because it is a long day when you are driving all thru the park.
For the next 2 days all I did was work. What fun. I actually do work out here. But really it is just like a big vacation like you said Aunt Di. I love it.
Then on Thursday we went on a Photo Safari. It was really early. We had to be ready and at the hotel at Lake at 5:40 am. Yes am. Can you believe I was up that early. Well anyways, I had to share a room with 4 other women. It was a fun night but we didn't end up going to bed until about 12 or 12:30, mostly cause I wouldn't let Then like I said we didn't have to be ready til 5:40 but you know what time their alarms went off. 4:30am. I was a little upset, and most of you that know me know that I'm not a morning person so I rolled under the bed so I could sleep an extra hour. They all made fun of me. Anyways I have pictures of what we saw on this tour that you guys will have to look at. It was so fun. We did see a grizzly bear. It was the same one I saw a couple of weeks ago at mud volcano. So as you can see I have been very busy. I miss all of you and can't wait to see you. Later.


Diana said...

Hi Carrie - How can you tell the grizzly was the same one you saw at mud volcano a few weeks ago? Are they tagged or does she have some distinct markings? Or do the rangers, and therefore you guys, know which one is in which area?

Elaine said...

Hi Carrie, the pictures are really good. Can't wait until we come out there - less than a month now! I'm so glad you are enjoying the summer. Talk to you soon!

Love ya,