Friday, June 22, 2007

What a Couple of Days

Hey everyone, first of all before I tell you this story I want you to know that I am Safe and I did the right thing and I didn't freak out. So after I say that this is what happen. Tuesday I went on a hike with 3 other people. We were walking this nice trail that we have walked a couple of times before. This time it happened. We were walking I was looking around to see if any animals and I looked right in front of us and there was a bear. Yes a black bear. It was about 50 feet away. Very scary. But we knew what to do. We starting talking louder and singing to make sure he knew we were there and we weren't going to hurt him. We also started slowly walking backwards. When he knew we were there he ran across the road away from us. We weren't to far from the road. So we waited to make sure there weren't any others around the area. And when we didn't see anything we decided to keep going on the hike because a bear was not going to stop us. lol. So we were coming back on the hike and I was like "Was this were the bear was?" Then another lady said yep there it is. This one was the same distance but he just looked at us for a long time. So we slowly started going backwards and singing but the only song that came into our heads at that time was Old McDonald had A Farm. What a song right. But he went the other direction. We had people watching us from the road and they said that there were 2 of them one of both sides of the road. Little scary but it was cool. It happened so fast that I didn't have time to get my camera out. Thats ok I would rather be safe and not attacked like some people from Champ said I was going to. So the next day we drove down there to see if they were still there. We drove down a back road and one was walking right in front of us. It was a last minute thing to go see, so none of us had cameras with us. That's ok. Then yesterday I went on a hike about 2 miles but 1 of it was straight up. That was hard. Then we were on our way back and we saw a Moose laying in the water. He was so cute. Then last night I played volleyball with my team. I'm the caption, just because I really wanted to play and my team made me the caption. We won the first game and lost the last two. But they were really close. It was alot of fun. So today we are going down to the lake area to campout tonight. And do some really cool stuff with reservations. I'll keep you updated when I get back. And I'll have lots of pictures. Well again I'm safe so don't worry. Miss ya.

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