Saturday, June 30, 2007

Loving It

If anyone is wondering I'm still loving it out here. Thrusday, I went down to Old Faithful and Mary went with me because she hadn't seen it yet. We met up with Patty Owens for lunch. We ate at the Old Faithful Inn. It was a very good meal. And we had a very nice visit. It was good to see someone from back home. Then we went walking around the boardwalks and we saw Old Faithful go off. It was still really cool. I was going to take a video, but my battery's died right when I started. So maybe next time. That night I went rafting and it was so much fun. It was only class 1 or 2 at times. But we had really good guides and it was a lot of fun. So yesterday I worked all day and so I wanted to go do something so I went on an Old Yellow Bus tour. I got there and they said no one had purchased a ticket so I finally talked a family into going on it. So I could go free. Always a good thing. On our tour we saw a black wolf and a black bear about 50 yards away from each other. It was really cool. The family was really happy I talked them into going. Well thats all and Mom and Allen get here tomorrow. I can't wait. Miss ya.


Anne McClane said...

Carrie I am so jealous! You are having some awesome experiences! How is your visit with your Mom and Allen going? We wish we were there!

Diana said...

Carrie, Carrie, is July 5th and no new photos....are you slacking now that you have company?

Barbara McGuire Holscher said...

Carrie.......I agree with Diana...I have been checking this site for some pics or news about your visit with the company....and NOTHING!!!!!! Get busy and write!!!!! Hope you are all having a great time!!!!!

Barbara McGuire Holscher