Saturday, May 26, 2007

Can't Believe It

Everyday that I'm here I keep thinking, "Wow I really live and work out here!" It is amazing. Today was a good day. We saw a wolf run right out in front of us. It was out of no where so none of us had our cameras ready. That was in Lamar Valley. Right down the road we saw a mom grizzly bear and her 2 cubs. They were so cute. They again were to far to get with my camera. They were also really cute. Then we went over the beartooth highway. There was snow everywhere. It was awesome. I was playing out in it and making snowballs. We waited in line to go over it. We were like the 10th vehicle. It was so pretty. I loved it. Then we went to a town called Red Lodge. It was a nice little town. Very friendly people. Betty saw a candy store so they had to stop at it. That was not a good idea. We all walked out with bags of candy. It was $6 for a pound of whatever. Well that was my day today. Yesterday I woke up to it snowing. :) And we were suppose to get t-storms. So we decided to go to Bozeman and see Pirates 3. It was a really good movie. Tomorrow I'm going on a hike and taking a day to rest. Then on Monday we are going on a Yellowstone in a Day tour. And we get paid to do it. That is always good. Well thats all for now. Be sure to look at my pictures. Later


Tracy and Ron said...

We are so happy you are enjoying your new job. I hope you got your card in the mail. We are in Omaha Nebraska this weekend. we are going to the zoo. We have some friends coming to Yellowstone in about two weeks they wanted to know what all they should do. I told them you was working out there. They will be staying in their RV. Let me know what I s

Allen said...

Isn't the Beartooth Highway incredible? The road goes above timberline for several miles. There is a small rest area almost on top with a bathroom. The area is known as "Top of the World", so you can go to the bathroom on "Top of the World"!

That's what your mom looks forward to. You know how she remembers everywhere she "goes"! (Sorry dear.)

We will have to drive the highway when we come out in July. Then you'll be able to see the beautiful lakes that are still frozen this time of the year. Of course, you'll probably go over the pass a dozen times before we get there! Be careful.

Anne McClane said...

YOU GET PAID TO GO ON A TOUR!?!?!? That ROCKS!! Its been fun having your mom visit! Jake's family came over for lunch today. Good times!

We love you and miss you TONS!!!!

Diana said...

Hey Carrie - the pictures are really great! I can feel the rush of cold air coming off them as I'm sitting at my desk wishing I was climbing around in that park in sweatshirt weather. I know you are working, but it seems like one big vacation! Thanks for sharing it with us on this blog.
Aunt Di