Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day

So first of all Happy Mothers Day to everyone.
So yesterday, I had a day off, finally. We went over to tower and then we went down to canyon. Up by tower, we saw a black bear. It was very pretty. The ranger had its lights on and all these people were in the road. So I had to slow down and the ranger yelled at me to keep moving and don't stop. I was thinking you really want me to drive the speed limit while all these people are walking down the middle of the road and you have your lights on. But I didn't say it I understand what he was doing. Then when we went down to canyon, we saw a grizzly bear. It was far enough away but then it walked up to us. It got way to close to us. It was about 25 yards. People are suppose to be 100 yards away. And I was so mad at some of the people. Because they had their children just running around while a bear is just walking around. This one little boy was walking around by me and I asked him where his parents were. He said I don't know over there somewhere. I was like you need to go find them. I couldn't believe that the parents were just letting them walk around. I know that Mom would have had me hand and hand and as far away as possible. Even though Allen would have been right up by the bear. It was a girl bear with a collar. I guess she had gotten in some trouble last year to they had to collar her. But she was so cute. Well that was about my day.
Side note...Thanks Mom for everything. And I hope you have a Happy Mothers Day. I love you and miss you.


Anne McClane said...

Hey Carrie! We Miss you!! The new photo link doesn't work. :(

That's crazy about the bears! I would NEVER let my kids run around like that! Not that I have any...but you know what I mean!

Love ya!

Elaine said...

Hey Carrie - I miss you too! Thanks for the flowers - they are beautiful! Be careful out there. I know you are having fun, so I'm happy about that. Talk to you soon. I love you!