Saturday, May 5, 2007

Never Going To Believe What I Ate!

Ok, so most of you know that I don't like to try anything new. But Thursday night we had what is called a shakedown at the Mammoth Dinning Room. We had to sit at a table with 3 other people. We all had to eat something different. It was to get the cooks and the other people ready for the opening of the dinning room on Friday. Well the lady sitting beside me ordered the steak and most of the other things were seafood. So guess what I ordered. A bison steak. Yep, bison. Can you believe I tried that. I can't. It was ok, I had to cut it into little pieces cause it was a little chewy. And I couldn't handle eating a lot at one time. So I was doing fine until one of the ladies said, "Carrie you remember the bison that was walking around here the last couple of days and we didn't see it today. He is what your eating." So at that point I was done with my meal. Although I know that it wasn't that one bison. Because they have bison ranches around here like we have cows. Well other than that everything is going fine. I'm working on my own on the phones. It is a little crazy at times. But it is ok. Well I have to go work some more so later.


Anne McClane said...

wow...that sounds...interesting...good for you!

Allen said...

Did the bison taste like chicken?

If you could, get some more bison and mail it home. Lucky (our dog, remember her?) would really like to eat a bison. Except, she calls them by their improper name, "buffalo". You know how she is with words!